Dear mom’s (It takes a village)

Impressed on my heart, written with love.

An open letter to mom’s/grandmother’s/madeas/aunt’s. ❤

This is a letter to not just the moms of this generation and this time but to the moms of ages past, to the grandma’s, aunts and madeas who paved the way, we owe you all a debt of Gratitude, I just want to take the time out to say “Thank you”

Firstly, let me say thank you, for being disciplinarians, trail blazers, hard on your children/grandchildren/neices/nephews when it was needful, thank you for being praying mother’s and grandmother’s, thank you for setting the standards, thank you for all the lessons and for your guidance along the way. I know I may not be able to speak for all but I know many in my age group and perhaps a little older would agree that as they have progressed in age, they now understand more than ever the things that you guys were trying to show us and the dangers of life you guys were trying to avert us from.

Growing up, I was a stubborn child and often I thought my mom was just mean and didn’t want me to have a life or do anything, sometimes she would say, “You think you know everything but you don’t know anything at all”!!!!! Now, by this time I was a teenager and I thought I knew quite a bit BUT little did I know…

It wasn’t until I really grew up and matured mentally and emotionally and saw the world for what it really was that I understood exactly what she meant.

This life, this journey, this world, the things that (still a child at the time) would grow to have to deal with and all the obstacles and mountains and circumstances that would come into play as I got older, helped me to truly understand why she said “You don’t know nothing”!!

As moms/grandmother’s/madeas many of you worked until you were beyond tired just to keep food on the table, many of us, as children, teenagers, at the time weren’t blessed to have EVERYTHING we may have wanted but we didn’t understood at the time how hard you had to work and how much you had to do just to make a dollar stretch and so for all that you have done, i want to openly tell you thank!

Thank you for every lesson learned and for teaching your children and grandchildren that we were bound to make mistakes and that it was ok to make mistakes as long as we learned from them, thank you for the incredible amount of patience that you’ve had with us as we grew up, I know many of us didn’t deserve such mercy and grace at times but your love for us was unwavering in spite of.

The truth is, many of us would not be where we are or who we are today without you guys, your love, patience, resilience doesn’t go unnoticed and your labor has not been in vain.

Let me end by thanking each of you for doing the best you knew how to do, for pouring out wisdom and knowledge, for helping us become the best that we could be.

It’s not mother’s day or a special occasion but as I sit and think back on my life, being raised by my mom, grandmother and aunts, a thank you to not only the wonderful women who raised me but to those who raised other’s who have grown up and gone through the fires of life and have overcome and are still overcoming because of the strong women who they were raised by.

Tupac Shakur said it best
~You are appreciated~

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